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Fish Species to Target during the winter

Fish Species to Target during the winter

What's an angler to do when the wintertime comes around and their favourite summer fish species take a nap for a few months? Keep at it with the right fishing attractant! There are quite a few fish species that stay active even during the coldest months of the year. If you know what fish to target (and don't mind the cold yourself), you can get out there and start chasing some of these species:

1. Walleye

If you've ever seen those little fishing shacks perched on the frozen lakes of the Midwest, the anglers are probably after some winter walleye. These fish don't take a winter rest. Their metabolism keeps them active and aggressively feeding in cold temperatures, so a little walleye fishing attractant should keep them hopping on your line.

2. Crappie

There are only about half a dozen states in the US that don't have crappie somewhere in the water, and even better news -- they love cold water. Even in the South, when the bass and other species take a nap for the winter, anglers can still get out and catch crappie. They like little plastics, so a fishing attractant InSert may aid your efforts.

3. Bluegill

You may be used to catching bluegill in the summertime, but they're still active in January and February! They put up more of a fight than some other "winter" species, so you'll want to make sure you're fishing in an ice-free waterway (give them a little room to run). They'll bite maggots or jigs.

4. Fishing Attractant = Northern Pike

If you figure out the pesky job of how to fillet a northern pike, you just may find you have a new favorite winter fish species. They're super-aggressive blood hunters, so use a nice predatory fishing attractant and drop your line in virtually any northern lake for some wintertime fun. They're extremely tasty once you learn how to get those danged Y-bones out.

5. Channel Catfish

Ready for a workout on that ice rod? Channel catfish are a species that stays surprisingly active during the winter months. They'll chase minnows, jigging spoons and some bait types. Just be ready to be jolted awake when they hit the line -- you might think you accidentally snagged a tire when it happens.

6. Trout

Out of all the fish species on this list, trout are the ones that are probably the best adapted to handle cold water, all year-round. Whatever your favourite trout bait is during the summer months, you can rest assured they'll hit it in the winter, too. Just be prepared to wait a little bit longer between strikes.

7. Perch

If nothing else is biting in your far north fishing spot, a yellow perch just might save an otherwise boring day. Just be sure to drop your hook along the bottom, because they tend to stay down in the mud when it gets really cold.


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