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Frequently Asked Questions

Is BaitCloud safe for the environment?

Absolutely! BaitCloud has been formulated with 100% food-grade, natural ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life. There is no package to dissolve in the water or become waste or litter.

Is BaitCloud attached to my fishing line?

No, BaitCloud balls are designed to sink in the water column and don’t connect to your fishing line. In fact, BaitCloud requires no line attachment at all, which means there are no extra lines in your ice hole or around your fishing location.

Is it re-useable, or how long does it last?

Each BaitCloud ball is designed to disintegrate over a controlled period, and in doing so releasing the scent, effervescent bubbling action, and visual attractants to draw in the gamefish. Therefore the balls are consumed in the attraction process. However, the attraction qualities persist long after the fizzing and bubbling action have stopped. You should expect to get attraction qualities for about an hour for each application. The duration of the fizzing action cycle of the balls will change with changes in water temperature; slower fizzing in colder water- faster fizzing in warmer water.

How exactly does it work?

Simply toss the BaitCloud ball into the water in the location you intend to fish. Next to a dock, near a weed edge, or into your ice fishing hole. BaitCloud will start to stimulate fish immediately, and continue to attract fish long after it has fully dissolved. The rate at which it dissolves will depend on several factors, like water currents and temperature. BaitCloud should provide attraction for about an hour at each application, providing enhancement to your location well beyond when the fizzing process stops.

Where can I buy BaitCloud?

We encourage you to purchase BaitCloud from our retail partners near you. To find the closest stocking retailer, please access this locator on our website for the locations convenient to you: www.baitcloud.com/pages/retailers. If you cannot source product locally, you may place an order via our online store.

Is BaitCloud legal for fishing tournaments?

It is the responsibility of each angler to clear the use of attractants for each Tournament venue and rules, so make sure you have the approval from the Tournament director prior to your use of BaitCloud in an event. Because BaitCloud does not incorporate any fish products, fish oils, or chum, it does not come in conflict with most Tournament rules. Many Tournament organizations avoid publishing a list of approved products to avoid the appearance of endorsement. As of this writing, we know of no organizations that have banned BaitCloud from its application and use during Tournaments. Again; check with your Tournament director for approval prior to use to insure you are legal using BaitCloud during your event.

How does the product sink to the bottom?

BaitCloud balls are engineered to sink naturally to the bottom without wires or tethers to interfere with your fishing locations. You do not need any special devices to get BaitCloud balls to sink, and there are no elements to discard into the water environment as potential trash or litter. Try to avoid applications in strong current that may cause the ball to drift from its intended location.

Which scent of BaitCloud should I use?

BaitCloud has been formulated into seven different products made specifically to target fish species. Not only is the product scent customized to specific species, but it is also color coded into the balls so you always know which product you are using. BaitCloud makes some products that provide a more universal application such as Multi Species which is quite versatile, and the Panfish species scent that targets and attracts a variety of Panfish species with its custom formulation. See Product tab online for more complete descriptions of each scent.

How long does it last?

While we would love to tell you exactly how long it lasts, the answer is that it depends on the conditions you are fishing. Our testing shows that the colder the water you are fishing, the longer the BaitCloud ball will last while it's bubbling. However, the scent cloud that is created lasts long after the fizzing action has stopped.

How do I pick a BaitCloud formula?

We have formulated BaitCloud into seven different products made specifically to target different fish species, and to be used in different situations. For example, we formulated our Walleye Formula for low light/low visibility, which are typical conditions when targeting these fish. We also make formulas that provide a more universal application such as our Shad Scent, which is quite versatile across a variety of species and conditions. Similarly, our Panfish species formula targets and attracts a variety of Panfish species including Crappie, Perch and Bluegill.