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BaitCloud; YES It Really Works!

"Insane, I think every bass in the County came for a look" A diver/videographer submitted this video of him releasing BaitCloud in a public lake in The Upper Midwest to see if BaitCloud really works.

NEW! BaitCloud FreshWater

BaitCloud has created these species specific formulas using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviors of these species, we have engineered a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviors in sportfish.

NEW! BaitCloud SaltWater

When fishing inshore species in the Gulf, or on the East or West Coast, one thing is for sure, you want to BRING THE FISH TO YOU! BaitCloud SaltWater comes in a ready-to-use, mess-free ball, that can be tossed into the water, attached to a line or placed in a chum bag.

BaitCloud Loves Summer

Schools out...time go fishin'!

Chasing the Dream

For many Bass Nation tournament pros, the road to the Elite Series begins with competing in the Opens. BaitCloud is proud to support Cody Dawson (@codydawsonfishing) and Christian Thompson (@ct.fish) as they strive to reach this goal. Good luck to everyone!

Bass Love BaitCloud

This video went viral and has been viewed over 10 million times on Facebook. It shows our product in action, the attraction zone created, and the affect it has on nearby Bass.

Panfish Love BaitCloud

Panfish are primarily visual hunters. They are very curious and often come in groups to check out BaitCloud. Their foraging consists of hovering in water scanning for prey. Try attaching BaitCloud to your line and lowering it to the depth where they are hovering.

BaitCloud on Ice

BaitCloud is ideal for ice-fishing as it draws nearby fish into a zone close to your hole. Shot in Manitoba, Canada during a very cold winter day, this shows BaitCloud at work under the ice.

BaitCloud Loves Dads 2018

BaitCloud is about creating lasting memories with family and friends through the love of fishing. Get out on the water this Father's day and spend some quality time with your loved ones.


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