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At BaitCloud we love to fish and are passionate about finding ways to help our fellow anglers have more exciting moments on the water. This film, shot across Northern Ontario, captures our thoughts about why we fish, and how our product helps anglers make more memories.

Bass Love BaitCloud

This video went viral and has been viewed almost 10 million times (on Facebook). It shows our product in action, the attraction zone created, and the affect it has on nearby Bass.

Panfish Love BaitCloud

To show that BaitCloud works for panfish as well, this video shows the attraction zone working for several species of panfish.

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are not immune to the attraction zone created by BaitCloud either.

BaitCloud On Ice

BaitCloud is idea for ice-fishing as it draws nearby fish into a zone close to your hole. Shot in Manitoba, during a very cold winter day, this shows BaitCloud at work under the ice.

BaitCloud In Salt Water

While we continue to perfect a salt-water formula, we show how the attraction zone performs in salt water just like it does in fresh water.

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