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Is Ice Fishing on the Rise?

Ice fishing is a great sport for anglers in northern climates who need to get their fishing fix all year long. While it can present some unique challenges, ice fishing is getting more attention every year, with more anglers bundling up and heading out to their favorite fishing spots no matter how cold it gets...

It seems that the more time you spend talking with anglers, the more you hear stories about massive trophies being pulled out of holes in the ice. By many accounts, ice fishing is gaining popularity throughout the U.S., giving anglers the opportunity to catch more fish all year long.


There are many parts of ice fishing that people enjoy. As we said earlier, it gives anglers in northern climates the chance to keep fishing, without waiting out the winter months. Instead of sitting inside and counting your lures, you can gear up, head to the lake, and try to catch a winter trophy.

Although there can be lots of equipment involved, ice fishing requires smaller fishing gear, which may explain why some many anglers find the sport more attractive. Instead of a 7-foot rod, you can ice fish with a pole that is about two feet long, making for easier storage and transportation.

But probably the biggest reason is the fact that ice fishing can be very exciting. There’s something about pulling a giant northern pike out of a small hole on a frozen remote lake that really gets your heart pumping. If the fish are active, it can be one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences you’ll ever have. If they are not active, you can toss in some BaitCloud Fish Attractant, to increase your odds!


Just about any freshwater fish that swims in cold climates will be caught during ice fishing season, but because of the sport’s popularity in places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine, and almost all of Canada, where the ice fishing season can last four or five months, the most common ice fishing species are walleye, northern pike, trout, and other fish are found in these states. You can catch everything from small panfish like bluegills and crappie to king-sized muskellunge. If you can catch it during the summer, there’s a good chance you can catch it during the winter too. Check out our line up of fish attractants to target these species here.


There are many reasons that could explain the recent rise in ice fishing popularity, but it probably has a lot to do with the advancement in modern fishing gear and equipment, which has made ice fishing easier and more convenient. There are lighter, more powerful ice augers, smaller and stronger ice fishing rods, and portable shelters that make ice fishing almost as comfortable as sitting in your living room.

One of the most important advancements in ice fishing is the invention of the “tip-up”, a spring-loaded mechanical system that releases a flag when a fish pulls at the end of a line. These simple yet effective machines have made ice fishing a sport that is less labor intensive, allowing ice anglers to sip hot cocoa, grill some food, or simply enjoy the company of their friends.

What are you waiting for...grab some BaitCloud and get out on the ice this winter!

Ignite Your Hardwater Season

With slender bodies, prominent eyes, and sticky hooks, Northland’s New Bro Bug Spoons light-up everything from jumbo perch and slab bluegills to finicky trout and tasty walleyes.
Amazingly versatile, Northland Tackle’s new Bro Bug Spoon is the catch-all solution you’ve been looking for as hardwater season approaches. Designed to match the hatch, its slender body resembles young-of-the-year baitfish or freshwater bloodworms, favorite wintertime targets of perch, bluegills, crappies and walleyes, among other ice-fishing targets.
“This spoon is super effective in a variety of ice-fishing situations,” said Northland pro-staffer and veteran multi-species fishing guide, Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “It’s long and thin, making it easy for predator species to spot and mistake for winter fodder, yet it drops fast and then shimmies and shakes with the slightest twitch of the rod thanks to its flat sides. The Bro Bug Spoon catches just about anything on the hardwater menu, but I especially love to break it out when speed fishing for jumbo perch and targeting big walleyes.
Unlike other spoons, the Bro Bug Spoon features 3D bulging lifelike eyes that show up exceptionally well on your electronics and draw attention from predator species even when the lure is momentarily held still. Additionally, the tapered body shape ensures solid hook sets as it provides a wide gap between the lure body and hook points. Tipped with a couple of waxworms or your favorite soft plastic, this lure is simply irresistible to nearly any species you can catch through the ice.
“All you have to do is get it down, give it a wiggle or slight hop, and set the hook with a light flick of the wrist,” assures Brosdahl. “I’ve been excited about the potential of a design like this for a long time and this new lure has proven itself to be well worth the wait, and I’ve had especially good luck so far using the Wonderbread color pattern, so be sure to check it out.”
Available in stores, or online at, Bro Bug Spoons are packaged individually ($4.99) or as a three-pack ($11.99) With their buggy profile, responsive action, bulging eyes, sticky hooks, plus 12 color patterns and three sizes (1/16-, 1/8- and ¼-oz.), they’re sure to be big hit this winter so don’t miss out.
Paired with BaitCloud Fish Attractant and we are talking about the best ice fishing season EVER! Check out our Walleye Formula or stick with our original Multi Species Formula.

BOTH LARGE AND SMALLMOUTH BASS CAN BE CAUGHT THIS TIME OF YEAR! By focusing on the proper areas, depths, and techniques, anglers will find greater success.

It’s the perfect summer morning, and you’re sitting in your favourite largemouth bay with a frog in hand. You find an isolated clump of weeds to target and cast your bait the perfect distance past. The rings created from the splash dissipate and you begin to work your frog towards your chosen piece of structure. The weed stalks begin to separate as your frog comes closer. Before you know it, your frog disappears under the surface, your rod loads up, and you set the hook hard and high, feeling the weight of your fish. A quick fight ensues as you bring the fish in quickly and flip it into your boat. Summertime bass fishingone of my favourite times of the year!