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Families That Fish Together

Today’s family is busier than ever. With both Mom and Dad working to build careers, create savings, pay for the home, school, cars, groceries, and an ever-growing list of expenses, it's no wonder people have trouble finding time to spend as a family. If you like fishing, including your family can be a great way to enjoy some time together, create lasting memories, and grow inseparable bonds through an activity everyone will enjoy. Spending time with family is a wise investment, and we cannot think of a better way to accomplish that than on the water…

Here are five reasons hanging out with family and fishing rocks!

1. Fishing builds self-esteem

Fishing can be as simple or as complex as a person makes it, from sitting on the bank waiting for a bobber to dunk under to digging up worms to cast from a dock or bridge. The great thing is, at every level, there are problems to solve and things to learn. That’s why fishing is such a wonderful activity for kids!

At first, it may be helpful for very young kids if you do all the work for them. Choose a good spot, bait the hook, cast out, and maybe even hook the fish. Let them reel in the catch so they get the bug. Now you’ll see who's really hooked! Soon you’ll have them baiting their own hooks and making their own casts, patiently waiting for a strike. 

Trying something new like fishing gets kids out of their normal comfort zone, and learning to do it on their own builds their self-confidence. As they become more interested, they can learn all kinds of new skills, from tying different knots to learning about fish behaviour or reading the water. Each new skill is a lesson in problem-solving, and the more they learn, the more prepared they are to apply those lessons to real-world problems.

2. Fishing brings families closer through positive experiences

Family time on the water creates fond memories. The fresh air, the sense of adventure, and the scenery are more than enough to create a positive foundation to build happy memories! Add to that the fun of exploring new places, learning the water, operating the boat, and working to catch fish as a team, and you have an activity that can provide many positive moments as well as lessons to draw from. Experiencing the fishing and all the fun that comes from fishing (like the one that got away) are what build a stronger bond. Just make sure to keep things light and fun! Save the hardcore, nose-to-the-grindstone trophy hunting for when you’re out with more serious fishing partners.

3. Fishing helps you unplug from outside world distractions

You hear it so much it has almost become a cliché, but that doesn’t make it any less true. TV, video games, and other technology can be detrimental to a healthy family when these things get in the way of personal interaction. When you’re out fishing, the only distractions are the good kind, like a fish on the line! Leave the phone in the car, or at least turn it off, and focus on the people who are right in front of you. Too often, the distractions of technology become a crutch that we hide behind when we aren’t comfortable expressing ourselves around other people. This isn’t a healthy habit for anyone, let alone something you want to teach to young children. No phones, no video games, and certainly no TV! We are out on the water to spend time with one another and enjoy the world around us. Help your family connect with the most important things in life by unplugging from the distractions.

4. Fishing helps build a positive connection between parents and children

I am certainly not a kid anymore, but as an adult, I can say that fishing and boating have helped me take time to connect with my parents. I have been able to spend much more one-on-one time with my father. We enjoy the whole experience together: picking out new lakes to try, getting outside, launching and driving the boat, and of course, hooking into fish!

Even when the fishing is slow, during the lulls and quiet times we have the chance to talk. It can be the littlest thing like sharing a laugh, or sometimes diving deep into a troubling issue. The important aspect is that without fishing, we might not have taken the time to have those conversations. Sometimes that’s what it takes: getting away from it all and being on the lake, with no disturbances from the outside world to really slow down, touch base, and connect with one another.

5. Fishing helps kids stay on the right track

Fishing as a family is about more than just the fish.

Self-confidence, a fun and happy childhood, strong family bonds, the ability to focus on what is important: all of these wonderful benefits of fishing that we have discussed are also the very things that keep kids and young adults on the right track as they navigate the challenges of youth. But the greatest benefit of all is the strong bond that fishing as a family builds. It is no secret that instability at home is a common catalyst for troubled youth. By working from the beginning to foster a strong connection, a deep bond, and an open dialogue with kids, you establish trust that will be vital when they begin their journey to adulthood. Family is everything, and getting out on the water will help build a family unit that can work together even when things get difficult.

Time spent with family is worth every second.

For even more family fun, try tossing a BaitCloud or two and watch the kids delight in the bubbles and sparkling Bioglitter, a biodegradable plant based glitter that mimics fish scales. As it ball reacts, it releases thousands of tiny bubbles carrying an irresistible scent and the fish start to appear. Everyone will be delighted if that results in more catches! Check out our videos to see it in action!


While the weather may not be as nice as it is during the summer months, fall offers some great opportunities to catch a bunch of big fish for anglers willing to wear an extra layer of clothing. There are some advantages to hitting the water in the fall for anglers looking to load the boat with a few walleyes. Beautiful scenery, thanks to all of the shoreline colours, and little boat traffic make for a peaceful setting. Add to that the chance to catch some of the biggest walleye of the entire year, and it’s easy to get geared up for a great trip.

One thing that everybody should know is that walleye love to be around current in the fall. The neck-down areas in the lakes and rivers attract massive runs of baitfish (mostly shiners) that walleye are following.

Early in the fall, walleyes can be found relatively shallow, and then as the temperatures drop these fish will move slightly deeper, usually because they are following the bait. On most waters you want to focus your efforts in 25-35 feet of water, but that can vary of course depending on the lake.

On waters without any significant current, the next best place to look is an offshore structure like humps or long points. This is also a great place to try BaitCloud fish attractant. These types of structures will attract baitfish as well, which walleyes will opportunistically feed on. And if the baitfish are not abundant, BaitCloud mimics the scents and sounds of baitfish, attracting the fish to your spot.

Catching Fall Walleye

Before water temperatures really drop off below 50 degrees, the fishing can be fantastic. Most fish are going to be focused on eating baitfish at this point in the season, so should choose your lures accordingly. A simple ¼- or 3/8-ounce jig is tough to beat, but on many days when the fishing is good, artificial baits can sometimes work even better. A four or five-inch soft plastic jerk bait rigged up on a similar jig head is a larger profile than a live minnow, and can sometimes drive walleyes nuts. Stick with natural colours like white or any other shad-based pattern. Paired with BaitCloud, you should have a good chance to land some of those walleyes.

Walleyes do school up in the fall, so you should look for schools of fish on your electronics before you actually start fishing. Simply drive around on the spots that you want to fish, looking for the sweet spots where walleyes are packed up. When you find them, throw a marker buoy over the side for a reference point, toss in a BaitCloud ball or two and you’re ready to start catching some fish.

Besides walleyes, there are several other species of fish that you can target through late fall. Crappie, pike, and bass fishing are all as good as it gets throughout the entire season. As well, there is probably no better time to catch a trophy-sized fish of all of these species. The fishing is great because all of these fish know that there is a long winter ahead, so they're eating as much as they can to prepare for it. Anglers should take advantage of this! 

Fishing Tips For Catching Bigs In Late Summer

For most anglers, late summer is the toughest time to fish. Accurate, timely tips are harder to find in the dog days, and for good reason. It’s hot and miserable for the anglers, and the bass are scattered, beaten down by angler pressure, and downright difficult to catch.

Late-summer blues got you down? Try one of these bass fishing tips to get back on the bite.

BaitCloud Fish Attractant for Bass

BaitCloud is the original multi-sensory. Our Bass Formula fish attractant has been formulated using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviors of bass, we have engineered our attractants to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviors in Bass.

Bass feed primarily by targeting through sound (vibrations) and sight. They can detect even the smallest vibrations and sound caused by nearby baitfish or other prey. It is for this very reason that BaitCloud is so effective in attracting Bass to you. Try our Multi Species, Shad scented Attractant too!

Stick Bait

As the summer progresses, bass in most bodies of water focus more and more on shad or other pelagic baitfish for their dominant food source. The shad are forming larger and larger schools, and bass move to offshore ambush spots and feast when a school gets too close.

When bass are keyed in on shad, they often suspend for most of the day, making them almost uncatchable except when they are feeding. A topwater stick bait is a must-have for any angler chasing schoolers. These inactive fish can be caught when they are up and feeding, and there’s no better trigger than the walk-the-dog action of a topwater stick bait.

Target classic schooling areas like points, submerged timber, channel swings, and the tailraces of dams. Keep the topwater handy, and cast quickly to any surface feeding activity.

Hollow-Bodied Frog

If there’s vegetation in your home lake, you can bet that by now the majority of the shallow bass will be relating to the thickest stuff available. A topwater frog like the Livetarget Hollow Body Frog is a great tool for getting strikes from these fish. One of the best bass fishing tips for this time of year is that frogs come through the thickest grass cleanly, and allow you to cover water quickly while searching for active fish. Key locations include anywhere the grass comes near current, and when two different types of vegetation merge.

Deep Diving Crankbaits

When they’re not schooling – late summer bass often hang on deep break lines, humps, and other structure. One of the most effective ways to target them is with a deep-diving crankbait like the Strike King 10XD. Look for cover like rocks, shells, and timber on the structure, and seine it with a deep-diving plug. Use a plug that dives slightly deeper than the bottom depth, so the bait is periodically hitting the bottom. This causes deflection, which is a major trigger for strikes – particularly when the bass aren’t actively feeding.