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Spring Fishing | 7 Early Season Fishing Tips

If you're like many fishing enthusiasts, when the weather breaks and spring finally arrives, you can't wait to hit the water and start angling again. But fishing in the spring is a lot different compared to fishing in the summer or even the fall months.

Fishing For Perch and Whitefish in the Winter

When it comes to fishing for perch and whitefish during the winter months, if you're not catching them, you're likely not doing it right. Yes, even in the winter months when many species of fish go more dormant, perch and whitefish remain abundant and active in freshwaters throughout North America.

Fish Species to Target during the winter

What's an angler to do when the wintertime comes around and their favourite summer fish species take a nap for a few months? Keep at it with the right fishing attractant! There are quite a few fish species that stay active even during the coldest months of the year.