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BOTH LARGE AND SMALLMOUTH BASS CAN BE CAUGHT THIS TIME OF YEAR! By focusing on the proper areas, depths, and techniques, anglers will find greater success.

It’s the perfect summer morning, and you’re sitting in your favourite largemouth bay with a frog in hand. You find an isolated clump of weeds to target and cast your bait the perfect distance past. The rings created from the splash dissipate and you begin to work your frog towards your chosen piece of structure. The weed stalks begin to separate as your frog comes closer. Before you know it, your frog disappears under the surface, your rod loads up, and you set the hook hard and high, feeling the weight of your fish. A quick fight ensues as you bring the fish in quickly and flip it into your boat. Summertime bass fishingone of my favourite times of the year!

How to Decide the Best Time to Go Fishing

Whenever you can pull out a BaitCloud Attractant and get your line wet, it sure is a great day all around, but the old age question still remains with a lot of anglers…”When is the best time to go fishing?”