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Why BaitCloud is the best fish scent attractant available today

Why BaitCloud is the best fish scent attractant available today

When you head out to fish -- whether the goal is to score your dinner that night or simply to relax after a long week at work -- you want it to be a success. It's not enough to leave it to nature and let the fish find you. Instead, you need to be prepared by bringing the best fish scent attractant available on the market today: BaitCloud.

Benefits of Using BaitCloud

What makes BaitCloud stand out among its competitors? It's the unique combination of several important features that only the best fish attractant has.

The Multi-Sensory Attractant

BaitCloud is the original multi-sensory attractant. BaitCloud reacts by creating sound, vibrations, and a visual cloud, all while releasing our proprietary scents, basically mimicking bait. This is called biomimicry, an innovation that seeks sustainable solutions that emulate nature’s time-tested patterns. BaitCloud does not contain fish parts, live or prepared bait, your ability to mimic what it’s searching for is the key. BaitCloud uses this multi-sensory approach to attract the fish to your area. Now it's up to you. 

Easy to Use

There are no complicated instructions or steps you need to remember once you get out on the water. In order to successfully use BaitCloud, once you get to your desired fishing spot, simply toss a BaitCloud ball into the water.


Just fish as you normally would and watch the rewarding results.

Environmentally Friendly

As any avid angler knows, the health and abundance of fish in our waters are directly related to what is in their environment. BaitCloud is made with only earth-friendly ingredients that are biodegradable. BaitCloud does not contain any food, harmful chemicals, or plastic. We source out only the purest, natural ingredients.

Variety of Formulas

At BaitCloud, we know that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to the best fish scent attractant. That's why we have several different formulations for you to choose from that target specific species:

  • Ideal for BASS - Garlic Crawfish scent
  • Ideal for PREDATORY SPECIES - Blood scent
  • Ideal for WALLEYE - Gobi scent

BaitCloud is also available in a MULTI SPECIES formula that attracts a variety of fish using a SHAD scent. This is our most versatile formula. 

By purchasing twin-packs of BaitCloud and never find yourself without your secret weapon for successful fishing.

Proudly Made in North America

At BaitCloud, we love our country and believe in supporting it any way we can. That's why we proudly make all of our BaitCloud products in Canada. Doing so also allows us to effectively control the quality of the formulation and the ingredients that are used.

At BaitCloud, we love fishing as much as our customers do. That's why we put our all into making the best fish attractant on the market today. Have questions about BaitCloud? Use our convenient contact form to get in touch.

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