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5 Fish Still Biting Through the Winter — and How Fishing Attractant Can Help

5 Fish Still Biting Through the Winter — and How Fishing Attractant Can Help

As winter comes into focus, the time for fishing up fall bass is soon behind us. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. There are many fish still biting this winter season — and they all fancy just a touch of fishing attractant. So, get ready to gear up and sink your line in hopes of getting your hands on these wintertime catches.


Although walleye head for the depths in the winter, they are still eagerly biting as the temperatures drop. In fact, cold temps get them even more excited for an easy meal. You just have to get them to come to you. Thankfully, that’s quite easy. Just drop a fishing attractant ball into the water near your boat and they’ll come swarming.


Trout absolutely adore the cold weather and flit about in the frigid waters without a care in the world. Unlike other fish, they don’t seem to slow down at all as temperatures grow cold, making them a fun catch. They do feed less often than normal, so make sure that your bait gets them feeling hungry.


Big schools of snapper abandon the shallow areas near the shores and head for open water in the winter. So, you just have to take your boat out a bit further than normal to find them. Once you do, you’ll certainly find they are hungry and grateful for a chance to chow down.


Channel catfish are another winter prize — and they come with the added benefit of keeping you warm as you fight to reel them in. They are never easy to catch, often proving elusive until you drop your fishing attractant into the water. But they are well worth the effort and definitely good eating in the winter when the water is cold and less mucky than other seasons.


Perch are always biting, and the winter is no exception. Their appetites don’t seem to decrease at all despite the temperature drop. Through the cold season and beyond, they are well known for zooming up and snatching the bait faster than the other fish can. So, you had better have them on your short list if you’re fishing any waters that they call home.

Using Fishing Attractant to Boost Your Catch Rate

Although these five fish are biting all winter season long, they may not nibble with the gusto of prior seasons. Thankfully, you can help motivate them to bite often and bite hard with fishing attractant from BaitCloud. Our bait balls bring the fish to you and rev up their appetite, so you can get all the catches you want from the day.

If you’d like to give our fishing attractant a try, consider picking up the Holiday Gift Box, which is only available for a limited time. You’ll get everything you need to catch fish in style all winter long, including a custom Len Thompson lure.
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