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Why Baitcloud Is The Best Fish Attractant For Trout

Why Baitcloud Is The Best Fish Attractant For Trout

If you're like most fishermen, one of your least favorite things is coming home from a trip to your favorite fishing spot empty-handed — but sometimes it seems the fish don't bite no matter what you do. On the other hand, you might know others who always bring something tasty home every time they go fishing, but no matter how many times you ask, you can't seem to pry their secrets loose. You might even be telling yourself that it's all just a matter of chance or that those who never fail to have good luck know where the secret sweet spots are and they aren't telling. However, although there's probably a little bit of truth in the secret fishing spot theory, the real key to successful sports fishing is to learn to think like a trout. Anglers all seem to have their favorite baits, including old school nightcrawlers as well as human foods such as marshmallows, kernels of sweet corn, and Velveeta cheese. Another popular fish attractant for trout option is artificial dough bait, particularly in areas where the use of live bait is prohibited. These items all send a strong scent signal to trout that food is in the vicinity.

It's common knowledge among experienced fishermen that trout have an extremely well-developed sense of smell, which is why most commercial bait products are designed to appeal to the olfactory system of the fish. However, trout are more than just their noses, and if you want to catch them like a pro, you'll use bait that appeals to multiple senses. Here's what you need to know:

What Makes a Good Fish Attractant for Trout?

It makes sense that a good fish attractant for trout smells like food to fish, but what about the other senses? We take a multisensory approach at BaitCloud that appeals to sight and sound as well as scent. Our product produces an enticing splash when dropped into the water, alerting trout that something potentially tasty is nearby. They produce effervescent bubbles in the water  carrying biodegradable glitter that reflects light as a visual attractant, as well as creating vibrations to help fish locate the source of food and they sink to the bottom of the body of water, where they disperse and disintegrate without adding environmental pollutants of any kind. As a general rule, BaitCloud lasts for about an hour, but this can vary depending on local conditions. For instance, extremely strong currents may carry the product away. BaitCloud fizzes more quickly in warmer water and less quickly when water temperatures are cold. It's also important to keep in mind that the scent cloud portion of the product continues to work its magic even after the fizzing has stopped.

BaitCloud is available for a variety of gamefish. Please support your local sportfishing supply retailer by purchasing our fish attractant for trout products from them, but if you can't find us on their shelves, please feel free to order using our online portal. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about our products, and happy fishing!

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