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How To Teach Your Kids To Fish

How To Teach Your Kids To Fish

Fishing with kids is a great family outdoor activity. To make the experience fun, safe, and pressure-free, consider these steps and bring along some BaitCloud balls for some extra fun!


Fishing means catching fish! Whether you plan to fish from a boat, shore, or from your dock, scout out a location where there is plenty of fish. A weedy bank where bluegill and other perch provide fast action is what you want. The local tackle shop is a great place to ask for some help. 


Organize your gear in advance. Check that your fishing gear is ready to go. Pack snacks, drinks, water, sunscreen, bug repellant, sunglasses, hats, first-aid kit, and don't forget BaitCloud Multi-Sensory Fish Attractant.


Safety must come first. Life jackets can be uncomfortable but are a must for kids around water. Hooks have barbs so should only be handled by adults. 


Boys and girls alike are naturally curious, so explain everything: how a float works and moves when a fish bites or how all fish find their food using their sense of sight, sound, and smell. Throw a BaitCloud ball in the water and watch the fish swim circles around the fizzing bubbles. Explain that the fish are looking for the food they can smell and will hopefully find when you drop in your bait. Tug on the line while the child holds the rod to simulate a hit. Demonstrate casting and setting the hook, emphasizing that it takes practice and time to learn new skills. Teach kids how to grip the handle of the rod keeping it in front of them in a 9 to 11 o'clock position. Explain how the reel handle turns and how to react to a bite.


A sidearm cast, not an overhead, is better and safer for kids. Here's an overview:

  • Shoulder-check no one's in harm's way
  • Bring the rod back keeping it above the waist
  • Swing the rod forward while flicking the wrist and releasing the line prior to the rod pointing at the target
  • End with the rod pointing at the target
  • Offer lots of encouragement for young casters


Success can result from the simplicity of bait and bobber on a lightweight rod. Your local bait and tackle shop can help you select a quality spinning or spin-cast combo and spool the reel with the right line. Ask which BaitCloud scents they recommend or grab the original blue balls, BaitCloud Multi-Species, our most versatile fish attractant.


The design, manufacturing, and marketing of lures is big business. You may have a favorite or buy a box of worms. Worms catch fish. Want to have more fun? Help your young fishermen dig his or her own worms!


Everyone wants a 6-pound bass or 20-inch trout. For a youngster, a 5-inch bluegill is a trophy!


A hungry young fisherman is an unhappy young fisherman.


Fishing should always be fun. Let the kid fish! The only rod needed is the one the youngster is holding is his or her hands. Your job is to untangle lines, bait hooks, remove fish and squeal as loudly as they do! Keep this in mind and regardless of the number of fish caught, each outing will be a success.

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