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Quick Tips for Successful Fall Fishing

Quick Tips for Successful Fall Fishing

If you are thinking about planning a trip to the water this fall, don’t be discouraged by the common misconceptions that fish activity drops. Many anglers who struggle to snag fish as the temps drop are really just having trouble about how fish behaviour changes. Rather than fish while the sun is low in the sky, for example, it’s better to drop lines in the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead. As food gets harder to find, some fish types will become more aggressive and active in their feeding, so a fishing attractant can make a big difference. This is a great time to take advantage of the new habits different fish species offer in the fall season. 

Quick Tips for Fish Habits and Fishing Attractant Use for Success in the Fall Season

Your tendency might be to shoot for the odd fall days and weekends where the weather is unseasonably warm and beautiful. This can actually lead to sporadic behaviour and scattered fish. For the best fall fishing, learn the fall trends and stick with the crisp autumn days where the behaviour patterns hold true.

Largemouth Bass

Look for baitfish in reservoirs and lakes churning the water as they are chased by hungry fish. Use long extended points with crank baits and the BaitCloud fishing attractant for bass in 5-8ft of water. Larger bass might be as deep as 15 feet and close to where the shad are located.

Northern Pike

When the temperatures cool, the pike are no longer moving based on temperature, so they roam to the shallows to hunt. Use topwater baits near vegetation, like weedlines, where they are likely to be hiding. You might need a floating/diving lure if they are being extra tricky.

Blue Gill

Use live bait in the shallows with a fishing attractant to snag bluegill. They often go after large bugs during midday, so a sinking cricket could get big action or try other live baits such as grubs, worms, or grasshoppers. Stick close to the rocks and drop-offs during the fall.


Delicious yellow perch are moving into the shallow water to feed on smaller schools as the temperatures drop. They love muddy areas and will notice flashy lures. Try bright colours, vibrating lures and flashing blades to grab their attention on sunny autumn days.


Catching trout can be tricky with the cool weather as their aggressive feeding ends. So, start using more muted patterns and neutral-coloured lures. Trout will be moving to feeder streams and pools during this time of year, congregating for pre-spawn rituals. A trout attractant on your fishing line can really help get them biting.


Walleye are another fish species that move closer to the shallows as the water cools. As the temperatures really start to drop in late fall, they will move to the deeper waters. Look for big structures and use big baits since walleye are looking for larger food (like bluegill and perch) to bulk them up for winter. Set trolling crank baits in deep rock structures or moving current with a walleye attractant to grab the attention of the walleye.

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