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Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip for Moms this Mother’s Day 2021

Plan the Perfect Fishing Trip for Moms this Mother’s Day 2021

This past year has really taken a toll on everyone, especially moms. With a lot of families working remotely and many kids spending more and more time at home, they have had to step up and become the teacher, the cook, the cleaner, and the hero that kept it all together, all whilst struggling with the uncertainties of a pandemic themselves. And, that really is no easy feat. There is no way you can pay her back for everything she does, but you can certainly gift her something special for Mother’s Day that she will truly cherish for years to come.

There are fewer things more exciting than sitting out in a lake, waiting for your line to tighten and reeling in the big one. Wouldn’t it make the entire experience sweeter if your wonderful mother or partner were introduced to the pleasures of your fishing outings? Why not give her that same gift of joy that you feel, especially if she enjoys the outdoors. A fishing weekend with family and some fish attractants would be the perfect Mother’s Day treat, don’t you think?

Here is a quick guide to plan out the perfect fishing adventure to give her a fun day out and make her feel special:

1. Plan the itinerary
If Mom is used to doing all the planning, this is a great time to take that stress off her plate. Let her have a real break while you have it all planned out perfectly for her. Research in advance about the places you can go to, how you will get there, what to pack, the timing you will have to leave and what you’ll be eating when hunger strikes. Here are some great locations for you to consider, because, where you fish can add to the entire fishing experience.

2. Fish from the shore instead of the boat
We all know that kids are not going to just sit down, watch you fish and play by your rules! While you can engage them in activities like having them throw in the fish attractant balls, they are naturally fidgety and will want to run around a bit occasionally. Therefore, it’s better if you fish from the shore; the kids can take a break when they want to, and Mom can continue fishing stress-free.

3. Keep it short and sweet
The attention span of the little ones is very short, especially if they are younger. So, it would be best to keep the fishing activity to a couple of hours. When it is no longer fun for them, plan to pack it in and move on to something else. The last thing you need is tantrums and the peace from this amazing trip being wiped out. Try including other elements of fishing in your itinerary, such as hiking in the woods, a picnic lunch by the shore, playing catch or some other outdoor sport, and don’t forget to take lots of photographs to look back at.

4. Keep the fishing instructions minimal
Since the whole idea is to get some quality family time, getting the kids to love the experience will be a key factor in how the day turns out. If fishing is new for them, teach them one lesson at a time until they get their reps in, then move on to something else. Be patient and avoid frustration. Reassure that the kids are doing a great job. This will be a great bonding experience, and that way, everyone goes home happy!

5. Use fish attractant to increase the odds
You want this to be a fun and positive experience for the family, so taking fish attractant that work well will increase the chances of you catching fish and sooner. Try BaitCloud fish attractant - designed to be an easy-to-use fishing attractant, anywhere, any time. With BaitCloud, you just drop the ball in the water, watch the fizz, and then ready yourself for your next big catch.

Added bonus: If you’re in Ontario, it’s licence-free fishing days on May 8-9 for Mother’s Day weekend. Another great reason to trade in the flowers and breakfast in bed, for a rod and some bait(cloud).
To get started, visit the website to order BaitCloud’s Multi-species fish attractant.

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