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Forecast for February

Forecast for February

February is typically a very good month for trophy bass fishing on Lake Toho and many of the Orlando lakes. Cold fronts coming thru can keep the air temperatures much cooler, so of course dressing in layers is highly recommended for this time of year. A lot of our focus is on World Famous Lake Toho, as this body of water is probably your best option at catching that trophy bass.

Your options for catching bass out here are wide depending on the weather. If we get hit by a cold front, we will consider having a dozen or two of wild shiners on the boat to slow troll behind the boat while we work spawning areas with artificial lures.
Your options for lures will range from ten inch worms to creature baits like craws. Using a fish attractant like BaitCloud will also help stimulate the bite. Try using BaitCloud Fish Attractant formulated for Bass, scented with garlic and crayfish, the bass can't resist. 

We will target bass beds, but keep in mind that when a bass is caught from a bed we will take a picture and weight fast, and carefully release back into the water gently so we don’t harm her. Many times we have witnessed her go back to her bed, so if done properly she will not be stressed out and abort her eggs as many claim they do. We are also strictly catch and release with all bass, replicas of your catch are usually one dollar per inch more than a skin mount and will last forever.

Tight lines.

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