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Fishing For Perch and Whitefish in the Winter

Fishing For Perch and Whitefish in the Winter

When it comes to fishing for perch and whitefish during the winter months, if you're not catching them, you're likely not doing it right. Yes, even in the winter months when many species of fish go more dormant, perch and whitefish remain abundant and active in freshwaters throughout North America. Perch tend to be more social fish, with up to 50 of them swimming together in schools, while whitefish are just generally abundant, partially due to anglers often targeting other species of fish to reel in. In this post, we'll cover some of the best practices for fishing for these two species of fish during the wintertime months and how the right type of fish attractant for ice fishing, such as BaitCloud, can turn your excursion into a highly successful one. Here's a look:

Best Practices for Fishing for Perch, White Fish in the Winter

Don't Get Too Comfortable in One Spot

This is especially true when you're fishing for perch, as this species tends to travel in schools and isn't shy about going after bait in the winter. It's typically a good practice to drill a few exploratory holes in the right lake depths to see if you're in a spot that the perch like before truly setting up shop for the day. If there are other perch fishermen on the ice, consider drilling your hole somewhat close to them. Like we said, perch tend to travel in schools and compete for bait, so if one angler is having success, you too can set yourself up for success by setting up shop near them…..but not too close! It might be a good practice to give that angler a heads up though if you're concerned about ice fishing etiquette.

Whitefish, conversely, are just incredibly abundant in the water and don't require quite as much strategy to reel in.

Fish in the Right Depths

Depth is important when fishing for any type of fish, let alone perch and walleye. Perch and whitefish tend to hang out around the 25 to 40-foot depth range, so plan your fishing accordingly once you settle on your spot on the ice and drill your hole.

Use the Right Bait (and the Right Fish Attractant for Ice Fishing)

The right bait is important for catching both walleye and perch, as perch tend to like shiny lures or lively worms and walleye tend to go after jigs. If you want to up your odds, consider tossing in a fish attractant as well. Not just used in the spring, summer and fall, fish attractant for ice fishing can also be an asset in your tackle box during the winter months. Simply toss one in your fishing hole and watch as the ingredients help create a scent that brings more fish to you. Fish attractants from BaitCloud are environmentally friendly and made with biodegradable ingredients to up your chances of bringing home tonight's dinner without doing any damage to the lakes or ecosystem that you're angling in.

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