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Fall Fishing Tips For Bass

Fall Fishing Tips For Bass

Though fall tends to be the time of the year when fishermen take their boats out of the water, it's also a great time to angle some bass. So regardless of when you take your boat out of the water for the season, we'd strongly suggest keeping some tackle handy. Yes, fall tends to be a great time of the year to catch bass. For starters, the waters are normally less crowded with seasonal boating activity. And two, the bass often roam closer to shore where the water stays warmer and to feed. So don't close up your tackle box yet for the year. Keep your rod handy, pick up some of the best fish attractant for bass to improve your catch, and then hit the waters. Here's a look at some tips for how to do it:

4 Fall Fishing Tips for Bass

1. Bass Fish Attractants

Looking for the best fish attractant for bass to help you improve your catch? Some, such as BaitCloud, now come with a hole in the middle to make it easy to attach to your line. This fish attractant is purpose-built for bass, as it's created based on how bass feed. Adding it to your line the next time out on the water can mean you're angling more fish.

2. Fish in the Afternoon

It's good news for bass fishermen with warm weather lasting longer into the fall months these days. That's because fish tend to scatter throughout lakes, streams, and rivers based on the water temperature. When the water is cool, it might be sparse fishing for bass. But when the water stays warmer, it's usually a good thing. When it comes to bass fishing in the fall months, we suggest going out in the afternoon. This will give the day some time to get going, as the afternoon hours are likely to be the sunniest and hottest part of the day. These warm water conditions make it great for bass fishing.

Additionally, don't be shy about casting your line closer to shore. Bass tend to feed in the more shallow waters during the fall months.

3. Cast Jigs

Bass will attack any type of bait, but jigs are especially successful during the fall months. Jigs are ideal because they can drag, hop, and swim through grasses in the water, catching the attention of the fish - especially if the water is still. While other types of bait work well during the fall months, bass fishermen agree that any sort of jig is a good universal choice.

4. Cast into the Wind

Bass tend to swim with the current, so don't be afraid to cast with the wind in your face - especially in the fall when conditions have a tendency to be a bit more blustery. Yes, your cast isn't likely to go quite as far, but you'll make up for it by giving yourself a better chance to catch a nice bass or two - at least before they notice your boat and get scared off.

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