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Fall Fishing In Ontario

Fall Fishing In Ontario

Fall is a beautiful season in Ontario, Canada, a time where we can all enjoy the changing colors and cooler weather as we brace for winter. Under the Ontario waters, fish are similarly preparing for the cooler winter season - but this doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad time to hop in the boat or head to your nearest fishing hole to try to angle some. In this post, we'll cover tips and best practices for reeling in a nice catch during the fall months in Ontario, covering tips from using fishing attractant to following the bait fish. Here's a closer look:

Fall Fishing in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Like we said in the intro, fall is a great time to go fishing in Ontario. However, there's a big difference between a nice day on the water and bringing home a winning catch. Here's a look at some of the tips and strategies to help you achieve both.

Good Fall Species

First, let's get into some of the fall species to fish for. While muskie and pike are two species that you can try for, you might have better luck fishing for walleye and bass. Typically in the fall months, fish like to make their way to warmer, more shallow water. However, regardless of the type of fish that you're trying for, it's crucial to make sure that you're checking your local regulations to see what you can still bring home and what is catch and release.

Fish Attractant Works

If you want to increase your chances of reeling in keepers this fall, consider using fishing attractant. When you use solutions such as BaitCloud, all you need to do is toss an attractant ball into the water once you reach your fishing destination. The ball will produce visual cues and emit a smell, each of which are designed to attract fish to your area. Simply put, using a fish attractant can help you have a better day out on the water. Not only can attractant bring more fish into your area, but some fishermen even report increased aggressiveness from fish.

Watch for Bait Fish

Aside from using a fishing attractant, one other tip to set yourself up for a successful fishing outing in Ontario this fall is to keep your eye out for bait fish. We're talking about the likes of shiners, bluegill and sunfish that often swim in schools and make for an attractive snack for larger fish. These types of fish have been breeding throughout the summer months and are now great in abundance and the appropriate size to make for a nice snack. Wherever there's a large school of bait fish, there's bound to be bigger fish not far behind. So if you spot one such school, drop your anchor and cast out a line. This is an especially relevant tip if you're angling for more predatory fish, like pike or muskie.

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