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Springtime Panfish Secrets

Springtime Panfish Secrets

Spring has sprung! We might be spending more time indoors while self-isolating but fresh air helps during stressful times. To disconnect, why not grab your balls (BaitCloud balls!)...your rod and head outdoors? The lakes, reservoirs, and rivers are once again open for springtime fishing.  And that means time for panfish, especially crappies and bluegills as they make their migration from deeper waters into the shallows before the annual spawn.

The spring crappie spawning period offers the best opportunity to try BaitCloud, either by dropping our original Multi-Sensory Fish Attractant into the waters to bring the fish to you or attaching our NEW InSerts onto your favorite bait. InSerts have been designed to be used with a wide range of baits and lures and can be attached in a variety of ways to add a new level of realism and trigger more strikes. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You may find the fish hugging the muddy lake bed or just a few feet under the warm surface, but fish can be moody at this time. Try casting jigs to the bank to catch fish when the weather is stable or before a storm. During a cold front that causes crappie to burrow into shallow cover, you need to flip or dip a jig. Experiment with presentations such as holding a jig still while drifting through a school of fish or steadily reeling your jig through the same fish. Try different retrieval speeds and lure colors until you find out what triggers the fish into biting.  

From ice-out to fishing shallow beds, springtime panfish fishing is also the best time of the year to get kids on the water and start making moments...Moments that turn into memories. 

Please be sure to follow current restrictions and guidelines for your local community. Stay safe.

Tight lines,

The BaitCloud Team

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