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Catfish Formula - 3 Pack

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Now available for InLine fishing! These balls have a hole through the middle so that fastening the ball to your line is easy. This gives you more control of your underwater attractant zone that will last long after the initial fizzing activation. Drop. Wait. Fish!

Catfish use their senses of taste, smell and touch to find suitable food. A catfish, just 6 inches long, has more than a quarter-million taste buds on its body. Their mouth and gill rakers are packed with taste buds and the sensory organs cover the outside of the catfish.

BaitCloud has created an InLine multi sensory Catfish Formula attractant using science and innovation to mimic nature. By studying the feeding behaviors of these species, we have engineered a multi-sensory product to trigger the instinctive feeding and hunting behaviors in sportfish.

Catfish Formula - 3 Pack