• Is BaitCloud safe for the environment?

    Absolutely! BaitCloud is manufactured in the USA and has been formulated with 100% natural ingredients to ensure it is not harmful to any aquatic life. It is marine and wastewater biodegradable and does not contain PET or other plastics.

  • Is BaitCloud attached to my fishing line?

    BaitCloud balls are designed to sink naturally in the water column without tethers or other accessories to interfere with your fishing location. However, they also have a centerline hole giving you the option to attach it to your line to control location and depth or to use in waters with regulations that prohibit the use of attractants not attached to your line. Our larger SaltWater Formula can also be placed in a chum bag or something similar. Fishermen are an inventive bunch, don't let us tell you how to use them!

  • How long does BaitCloud last?

    While we would love to tell you exactly how long it lasts, the answer is that it depends on the conditions you are fishing. Once in the water, BaitCloud creates an endothermic reaction in which it absorbs energy in the form of heat from the water. The duration of the fizzing action cycle of the balls will fluctuate with changes in water temperature; slower fizzing in colder water - faster fizzing in warmer water. This reaction corresponds to the feeding behavior in fish. Fish are poikilothermic, so their body temperature and metabolic rate also depend on the water temperature.

  • How exactly does BaitCloud work?

    Simply toss the BaitCloud ball into the water in the location you intend to fish, or fasten the ball to your line using the centrehole for more control. Next to a dock, near a weed edge, or into your ice fishing hole. BaitCloud will start to stimulate fish immediately, and continue to attract fish long after it has fully dissolved. The rate at which it dissolves will depend on several factors, like water currents and temperature. BaitCloud should provide attraction for about an hour at each application, providing enhancement to your location well beyond when the fizzing process stops.

  • Where can I buy BaitCloud?

    We encourage you to purchase BaitCloud from our retail partners near you. To find the closest stocking retailer, please access this locator on our website for the locations convenient to you: https://www.baitcloud.com/apps/store-locator. If you cannot source product locally, you may place an order via our online store.

  • Is BaitCloud legal for fishing tournaments?

    It is the responsibility of each angler to clear the use of attractants for each tournament venue and rules, so make sure you have the approval from the Tournament Director prior to your use of BaitCloud in an event. Because BaitCloud's freshwater formulas do not incorporate any “fish parts” or chum, they do not conflict with most tournament rules. They can be used in any situation where you would use a liquid or gel attractant.

  • How does BaitCloud sink to the bottom?

    BaitCloud balls are engineered to sink naturally to the bottom without wires or tethers to interfere with your fishing locations. You do not need any special devices to get BaitCloud balls to sink, and there are no elements to discard into the water environment as potential trash or litter. Try to avoid applications in strong current that may cause the ball to drift from its intended location.

  • How do I pick a BaitCloud formula?

    We have formulated BaitCloud into different products made to target specific fish species and to be used in different situations. For example, we formulated our Walleye Formula for low light/low visibility, which are typical conditions when targeting these fish. We also make formulas that provide a more universal application such as our shad scented Multi-Species Formula, which is versatile across a variety of species and conditions. Similarly, our Bass Formula attracts the fish using a favorite forage of crawfish enhanced with amino acids from garlic to mask unpleasant odors.